Algol Chemical C.A.

A Venezolan Company with the glasses fastened securely

Algol Chemical, C.A. It is the first company in sales in Venezuela fluid care soft contact lenses and gas permeable.

In the mid-eighties, with the weight of the first large devaluation, a group of scientists at the Universidad Central de Venezuela decided to begin work on products whose importation becomes difficult at the time of exchange rate volatility: those for the care of contact glasses.

What was created between scientists of UCV and partners with knowledge in marketing of ophthalmic systems and optical Algol Chemical company was, currently manufactures and markets 8 different products.

The products group forms a system for the care of contact glasses “high quality and reasonable prices for the user”. The technology used meets international standards for what they have expanded their market to other countries. Three of them have already introduced products in their markets and another two are in the process of formalization.

The export can be done in two ways: exporting technology and provide technical expertise along with distribution rights. they claim that “today more than ever” they are focusing their efforts on creating an international network of distributors, that can lead products around the world. Distributors become business partners, therefore they provide all, scientific and marketing information of the parent company.

Algol Chemical considers that the technology used in the formulation of products for the care of contact glasses is “very demanding”, because of his “structural polymer composition” further compromising the availability of the company. but nevertheless, ensure that developing its own technology enables us to produce products with low operating costs and thereby, offer them in the market at very competitive prices, lower than imported competition.